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Код товара: 101095
Производитель: G-LAB
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напольный MIDI контроллер, маршрутизатор цепи гитарного сигнала G-LAB GSC-5


напольный MIDI контроллер, маршрутизатор цепи гитарного сигнала

* modular construction enabling to build the guitar systems containing different components (analog and digital guitar effects, traditional tube amps, preamps and MIDI devices (e.g. DSP processors) located in freely chosen places (all of them in the pedalboard, some of them in the pedalboard and some next to the amp, all of them next to the amp or in the rack cases),
* user interface with displaying programmed names of the banks/songs, presets, functions and colorful indicators,
* alphanumeric LCD backlit displays (main display with 2x20 characters and five footswitch displays with 2x16 characters) and external keyboard for easy using and programming,
* innovative module of the foot controller with connectors location assuring comfortable connecting, space for extension modules and reliability,
* MPM-1 power supply module (connected with the foot controller by one cable) which contains MIDI connectors and also SWITCH, EXTENSION and 12V OUTPUTS,
* possibility to connect three 6LE effects loop extension modules what enables to control up to eighteen guitar effects,
* six SWITCH OUTPUTS for controlling the amps with bistable, pulse and momentary working mode,
* possibility to connect the PB-2 power supply modules (2 x 4 separated sections 9V DC with total capacity 1A),
* 125 banks/songs with bank/song names and memory of 10 MFS footswitch functions,
* 10 MFS footswitches (Multi Function Switch) with colorful state indicators and programmable function names displayed on the LCD text display,
* every MFS footswitch in a given bank/song can have one of the following functions:
o recalling the preset by setting the effects loops, SWITCH OUTPUTS and sending the PROGRAM CHANGE and CONTROL CHANGE commands
o setting the effects loop (LOOP MODIFIER)
o setting the selected switch outputs (SWITCH MODIFIER)
o sending the PROGRAM and/or CONTROL CHANGE commands (MIDI MODIFIER)
o switching on/off chosen effects loop (SINGLE LOOP)
o switching on/off chosen switch output (SINGLE SWITCH)
o switching on/off a single function in the MIDI device by CTRL CHANGE command (SINGLE CTRL)
o incrementing or decrementing (by defined value) chosen parameter in the MIDI device by CTRL CHANGE command
* possibility to control independently twenty MIDI devices by the Program Change commands,
* possibility to send up to fifty Control Change commands,
* independent MIDI OUT 1 and MIDI OUT 2 outputs for shorting the reaction time of the MIDI devices,
* four expression pedal inputs with possibility to send eight independently defined CTRL CHANGE commands,
* function of sending the TAP TEMPO by the CTRL CH and/or NOTE ON/OFF commands,
* function of three concert lists of the banks/songs with possibility to define their order on the list,
* BIG BANK working mode with changeable functions of the MFS footswitches from the upper rank,
* two MIDI INPUTS to control the GSC-5 by other MIDI device,
* function of displaying the tuner data received from the external MIDI device.

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