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G-Lab MGC-6

Код товара: 101101
Производитель: G-LAB
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рэковый MIDI контроллер, маршрутизатор цепи гитарного сигнала G-Lab MGC-6


рэковый MIDI контроллер, маршрутизатор цепи гитарного сигнала

* true passive signal path,
* true bypassed (by electro-mechanical relay), high impedance input buffer,
* the TUNER output with the silent tuning function based on very high impedance circuit (no influence on a guitar signal) with galvanic separation,
* six TRUE BYPASS loops for connecting effects (using electro-mechanical relays),
* 2 outputs (2 lines each, latching type) for amp's switching by its footswitch input,
* MIDI INPUT to control the MGC by any MIDI controller using the Program Change and Control Change commands,
* MIDI OUTPUT to control three MIDI devices by Program Change command and one device by Control Change command for each preset, MIDI OUTPUT can be switched to Soft Thru mode,
* four AUX connectors for connecting additional modules e. g. AB switch, 2XLOOP,
* 19 buttons switching directly particular functions,
* LED display,
* durable, powder-coated casing.